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Francis Bacon : Prosperity discovers vice, adversity discovers virtue.

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Banksters,  you have been  EXPOSED by a true American Patriot. and United States Senator.

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Iceland Brings Down the Hammer on Banksters Yet Again

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Taking the Gloves Off 
Since the very inception of the financial crisis of 2008, many nations in the West(such as Greece, Ireland, or Cyprus) have found that they’ve lost not only financially to the banksters that caused it, but even more sadly, they’ve found that they’ve lost their freedoms and political sovereignty as well.  This loss of freedom has been the worst blow of all, for a man can lose his wealth, and still have all the things needed for a good life.  Freedom though, once lost, deprives a man of his very dignity, and can be extraordinarily hard to win back.
However, while we’ve had to endure heart-wrenching stories of countries being made into totally humiliated puppet-states of the banksters…there have been a few success stories of peoples maintaining their freedom & dignity after the banking crisis, and even dealing a mighty blow to the bankers.  One such heartening exception has been Iceland, where this newest announcement there just reminded the world, that they dare to defend their people against unscrupulous money lenders.  Read this, if you haven’t already:

First They Jailed The Bankers, Now Every Icelander To Get Paid Back In Bank Sale

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Sergei Spuinsky | AFP | Getty Images
This piece of news is crucial, because it shows that the inspiring process of Icelanders taking back the reins of power from the banks(which began in 2008), continues to this very day in their country.  Now, before we can understand why this is a big deal, we need to remember the absolute torture this tiny nation was put through by their banks.
In 2008, after the collapse of the country’s 3 largest banks(Kaupthing, Landsbanki, and Glitnir), the country went through an unbelievable economic depression, such as that no other Western country faced.
Their stock market experienced an utter annihilation, compared to other countries in Europe, where their main index(Omx Iceland 15) plunged by over 90%!  Such a plunge wiped out vast sums of the inhabitants’ wealth, and sent their currency spiraling.
jaail 5
“OMXI15” by Thalion77
It was only by employing a list of drastic measures(by both the people, and their government) that saved Iceland and brought it back from the brink of destruction.
The Icelandic people got motivated, staging a massive, but peaceful revolution, and demanded that their elected leadership stand for them, not the money lenders.  Among other things, they:
Devalued their currency(the krona) massively, allowing it to obtain a realistic valuation very quickly.
Liquidated the insolvent banks responsible for the fraud and malfeasance, that led their country into the crisis.
Wrote an entirely new Constitution, which they crowdsourced from the citizenry themselves(the first time it had ever been done)!
Refused to bailout not only the failed banks, but also the foreign depositors(in places like the UK) who invested in their failed institutions(such as IceSave).
By the way, that last action was no small victory!  Iceland is a country with just over 300,000 people…and for them to go up against the UK(the home of the most powerful cabal of banksters on earth) and refuse to pay them or any UK citizens for any deposits lost in the crisis, was the proverbial David vs Goliath scenario….
With David winning a “total victory” against the banksters in the City of London!  It was absolutely magnificent!
Iceland’s citizens also demanded the arrest of every banker responsible for plunging them into the economic abyss, and as of earlier this year….many dozens of criminal bankers had received actual convictions!  As the most recent case Reuters reported on:
“Iceland’s Supreme Court has upheld convictions of market manipulation for four former executives of the failed Kaupthing bank in a landmark case that the country’s special prosecutor said showed it was possible to crack down on fraudulent bankers.”
Precisely.  However, the newest, anti-bankster proposal that’s making headlines worldwide, would truly be icing on the cake in this heartening story.  Let’s examine this proposal, and see what it means for Iceland.
The Proposed Bank Sale
Under the proposed plan, from Iceland’s Finance Minister, Bjarni Benediktsson, each citizen would receive a cut of the proceeds from the sale of ├Źslandsbanki, which is one of the island’s largest banks:
“Icelanders will be paid kr 30,000 after the government takes over ownership of the bank. ├Źslandsbanki would be second of the three largest banks under State proprietorship.
 ‘I am saying that the government take [sic] some decided portion, 5%, and simply hand it over to the people of this country,’ he stated.”
Now, before we go any further, in case any of you were thinking,
“Whoa, Watchman 30,000 Krona!  Talk about a windfall profit!”
Calm down for a second, take a deep breath, and let’s do a quick calculation of this figure.
The Icelandic Krona, which underwent massive devaluations in 2008, as a way to take their economic pain up front, currently still sits at a reduced rate of .0078 Krona to the US Dollar.
So, that 30,000 Krona figure suggested, which would still be 1/20th of the banks’ proceeds, would constitute a one-time payment to each qualifying citizen of $234.
“What, that’s peanuts, Watchman!  How on earth is this front page news?”
Brothers, while this is not a large sum by any stretch, the real significance of the proposed bill does not lie in the amount to be paid.  Remember, this saga was never about monetary returns, and anyone who thinks so will miss the beauty of the ‘Icelandic uprising’ story…
No, rather the significance is almost wholly symbolic, as its passage and execution would proudly declare to the banks and the world, in the end:
That it is the people of Iceland who are owners of Iceland…
That the citizens, through their own government, maintain actual ownership of the banks, and not vice versa…
That the citizens of Iceland will decide, from here on out, precisely what kind of banking system they’ll have, and what the rules of that system will be…
It is a declaration, which trumpets to any present or future financial institution on the island: any finance conducted here will be for the benefit of our people, or it won’t be conducted at all.
The central and commercial banksters of the Western world(and their paid shills, who stand to lose if their masters are ever dethroned)continue to insist that each bank failure must be bailed out, regardless of the expense to the people, and that the peoples of the globe must continue to trudge on, like Sisyphus of old, under the crushing weight of these banker debts…forever.
That option just stated, they insist, is the only option.
This, of course, is a lie which only serves to further protect and enrich a poisonous, treacherous, supra-national class of financial criminals, who all see themselves as above the law, and beyond control.
Iceland’s model of dealing with the crisis, and those who caused it, is so important,because it provides us real, living proof of how things can be different.  Eternal servitude to these arch-thieves, is the worst of all possible choices.
This is why the banksters hate Iceland: they continue, with every headline, to remind the world 7 years later…that there is another way!
In this old world, no one is going to give you anything, you have to fight for what you get.  The peoples of the West once fought tooth and nail for their homelands, their civilizations, and freedoms, and won mighty victories, with the blessing of Christ.
Now however, many current peoples have been reduced to Sisyphus of Old, constantly laboring each day, to push an impossibly large debt burden(owed to private banks) up the proverbial Everest.  It has left the entire Western world enslaved to a parasitic class of international financiers, and has robbed of our wealth, our jobs, our freedom, and our dignity.
Iceland is a land the globalist, financiers hate: not simply for reneging on the debts they owed the banksters, but because with each passing headline, they remind Western nations, and the world, that if they but rise up and fight for what’s theirs…victory is possible!
The very moment that Sisyphus decides he will no longer degrade himself before wicked men(who aren’t worthy to lick his boots), he will finally be transformed from this:
Jail 7
To this!
Jail 8
And that’s a powerfully-inspiring thought, indeed!

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